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YEAR: 1998
PUBLISHER: Rugginenti Editore
BUY: iTunes (US), Amazon (US)


YEAR: 1998
BUY: iTunes (US), Amazon (US)



The Orchestra of the Diocese of Rome is directed by Paddy Moloney and Marco Frisina. Many artists have collaborated on the project, including, apart from the other members of the Chieftains, the Harlem Gospel Choir, soprano Montserrat Caballe and the voices of the choir of the Vatican. Included on the collection is "Silent Night", a version of the famous Christmas melody achieved by combining the contributions of different performers, who sang in different languages ​​and musical styles.

Christmas is a feast dear to the hearts of people of every age and every nation. Its mystery and its calm sweetness give this feast a charm and unique beauty. The lovable mystery of God who became man, who came in the midst of us to share our joys and our sorrows, our fears and our pain, cannot fail to touch the heart of every man who finds himself in need of such consolation in God and medicine to heal his wounds. Every musician has wanted to make it the sublime poetry of Christmas translating it into melodies and harmonies that, through the centuries, have touched the hearts of men.


This album is dedicated to all young people who have sung thepraises of God with me: their enthusiasm, their joy.

This project was born from the desire to celebrate Rome, the "The Eternal City" that collects in its cultural history and artistic heritage of millennia, the beauty of different cultures and civilizations and the vocation to be together as the religious and artistic capital of the world. I wanted to collect some compositions that I have written on the occasion of important events, both religious and civil, in the history of our city of Rome, the beautiful city of holy tradition and vocation. Some of these events, such as the Jubilee, Alberto Sordi's funeral or the fallen of Nasiriyah, the 50th Anniversary of Liberation and other big occasions where all involved were moved and many have asked for the ability to have a CD of some of these compositions.


The songs are like an anthology of images and different emotions that, through the ideas of the Eternal City, lead us to listen to its hidden singing, to savor the many features, both ancient and modern, making it, in my opinion, the most beautiful city in the world. The songs follow a symbolic day, from dawn to another dawn through melodies, songs old and new, symphonic frescoes, sound suggestions, tied to places and events that made Rome great.

This anthology of songs is an invitation to joy to the whole world. I wanted to include some songs and include both classical and popular which bring us back to the spirit of Christmas. They come from different cultures and musical traditions. In the arrangements and in orchestrations, I have tried to characterize each in its own style and according to its own characteristics. Christmas has constantly inspired the imagination of musicians and often these melodies have entered into the heart and into the cultural imagination of their nation or even the world.


Every nation and every culture has made ​​its contribution to illuminate one aspect or another of the mystery of the Incarnation, sometimes with depth and poetry, sometimes taking in the most marginal and folklore, sometimes giving us genuine masterpieces. The languages ​​and the different approaches, however, show us eloquently that the heart of every man, in every part of the world and in every culture, that the mystery of Christmas does not go unnoticed. Every man is amazed at the wonder of the God- Child who comes to live in our lives, taking upon himself all our sorrows and our joys. Even today Jesus wants us to live our lives and walk on our streets “sharing in all things, except sin, our human condition " (Phil. 2). The world of our time seems smaller than that of the past. The impressive development of technology and the ease with which any man can communicate with other people who live in other continents should facilitate a spirit of communion and friendship, but we know that this does not always happen. The music may instead be a powerful weapon, capable of uniting neighbors who are far and causing them to vibrate in unison to the beauty of the love of Christ. Our hope is that this disc, although in a very small part, may contribute to the fulfillment of this wonder.

YEAR: 2003
PUBLISHER: Heristal Entertainment
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YEAR: 2001
PUBLISHER: Multimedia San Paolo
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Sacred Music
(Including liner notes by Marco Frisina)

YEAR: 2006
PUBLISHER: Paoline Editoriale Audivisivi
BUY: iTunes (US)


The night in the Bible has a particular value because it represents, with its silence and mystery, the saving action of God. In fact, during the night is when God accomplishes his greatest miracles on behalf of his people while man, taken from the sleep of ignorance and of his sin, remains ignorant of God's Passover night, is the "mother of all nights". It was then that his mysterious silence, the angel of God came into the house sparing the firstborn of Israel in Egypt and killing on the other hand the Egyptians, and during the night the wind blew on the Red Sea, making it dry to pass his people and lead them to the Promised Land. From Easter night all other nights acquire their meaning of salvation.


From the darkness of the night God took the light, creating the universe. At night the Lord made his covenant with Abraham, and appeared in a dream to the patriarchs. Every night of the Old Testament is fulfilled in the night when Christ rises from the dead, light filling the universe in a new creation of salvation, as well as during the night in Gethsemane when he had accepted the will of the Father, offering Himself as a sacrifice for us. Christmas Eve is the echo of the wonderful Easter night, the light that pierces the darkness of Bethlehem is the joyous light of God's love that goes into our midst to prove to every man to pitch his tent in the heart of the world. Christmas joins together the mystery and the joy, the pain of the world waiting for Christ and the glorious revelation that the Lord shines with its descent upon us.

These songs, inspired by Christmas, are all linked by the symbols of the night and the light, the dramatic and sweet reality that is revealed in God that he wins, with his light of truth and love, the darkness of the world by his Child for us. The pictorial representations of the Renaissance are a way to describe all this was one of " nights ", or the representations of the nativity scene, immersed in the darkness of night, receives its light from the Child Jesus from whom as from a lamp shining, all are lit . May this joyous light illuminate the hearts of every man, so that you walk with joy to meet Christ who brings the love of God.

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