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 Encounter with Marco Frisina

Robert W. Butts, Music Director


December 4, 2016 - 7:00 pm

The National Opera Center of America, Marc A. Scorca Hall

330 7th Avenue, New York, NY 10001

Rob Keiser, pianist - Kevin Peters, tenor - Marco Frisina,
Gary Pate, tenor - Sara McCabe, soprano, Maestro Robert Butts, Timmie Cole, soprano
Left tor right: Rob Keiser, Frank Dreher, Jamie Fay Klanetsky, Michael McCormick, Mariana Santiago, Tess Giardina, Kevin Peters, Marco Frisina, Gary Pate, Maestro Robert Butts, Devin McGuire, Sara McCabe, Alan Smulen, Timmie Cole, Luisa Fernanda Munster, Matthew Dreher and Allyson Carvajal
Maestro Robert Butts, Allyson Carvajal and  Marco Frisina
Pre-concert dinner with Music for Faith board members and friends
Allyson Carvajal, Lee Doswell, Marco Frisina,
Maestro Robert Butts and Luisa Fernanda Munster
Marco Frisina's impromptu sharing of songs with singers after concert
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