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2011 USA Tour

CdR Choir Tour
with Tour Sponsors
Gifts from Rome
Tour Group - Sacred Heart Basilica
Regina Pacis, Brooklyn
Sacred Heart, Newark, NJ
Appearance on Today Show
Sightseeing Lincoln Center
Top of the Rock
Relaxing at hotel
with Cardinal Egan at St. Pat's
St. Patricks Cathedral
Trenton, NJ Concert
Morristown, NJ concert

August 2014 USA Events

Choral Workshop
Choral Workshop
Christ the King, New Vernon
Christ the King, New Vernon
Christ the King, New Vernon
Choral Workshop, Flemington
Choral Workshop
Choral Workshop Concert
Choral Workshop Concert
Choral Workshop Presentation
Flemington Choral Workshop
M. Frisina w/Maestro Robert Butts
BONJ Concert
Gift of Batons to Marco Frisina

October 2014 USA Visit

Plainfield Symphony Concert
with PSO Conductor Charles Prince
2nd PSO concert
at PSO Rehearsal
Maestro Frisina & Lee Doswell
PSO Rehearsal
Post concert reception
10.11.2014 PSO Concert
Visiting Carnegie Hall
10.11.2014 PSO Concert


CDR 30th Anniversary
With Pope Francis
at Paoline Studios, Rome
at Paul VI Hall, Vatican City
With Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI
09.13.2012 Paoline Studios.2
with JPII
2013 Paul VI Hall, Vatican
St. Peter's
St. Peter's
2013 Symposium
Frisina w/Morricone
In the recording studio
At home in Rome
As young composer
Composing in the past
Natale 2011
Concert in Imola
Concert in France
Before Pope JPII
2013 Bitono Italy
Germany 2008 w/Bocelli
La Divina Commedia 2007
In Hoc Signo, Opera
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