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Antonio Banderas and Marco Frisina
with Choral Legend Kent Tritle
12.4.2016 Frisina Concert
Marco Frisina at work
With  Papa Francesco
With Saint John Paul II
8.2014 Mohonk Mtn Resort
10.11.2014 PSO Concert
L'Amor che move il cielo e l'altre stelle

Album: La Divina Commedia

“Music is God’s extraordinary gift, capable of making us understand and be part of the mystery of creation. You cannot touch it, nor see it, nor repress it nor confine it, but we listen to and let it into our hearts and minds, touching and engaging us in a total and abstract experience.”                                 
                             — Marco Frisina

This website provides in-depth information about Marco Frisina, his backgound, accomplishments, awards, presentations and vast body of musical works. You can peruse individual albums and films and listen to a sampling of the music under Discography and Filmography 



In May 2015, the nonprofit charity Music For Faith, Inc. was created to make the music of Marco Frisina more widely recognized and accessible in the USA and performed in both religious and secular settings. The companion site and its associated activities solely support this mission. 


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Music for Faith, Inc. is registered with the IRS as a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

Featured Video
Marco Frisina USA Channel
Featured Song Tracks
Theme for Don Bosco Film

Album: Versa La Gioia

Alba Romana

Album: Alba Romana, A Homage to Rome

Title Theme for Puccini Film

Album: Puccini 

L'amor che move il sole e l'Altre stelle

Album: La Divina Commedia (Opera)

Ecco quant'è bello

Album: Benedici il Signore

Current News & Updates

Original Production

2018 La Divina Commedia Opera Musical Tour

In 2007, Marco Frisina succeeded in the titanic enterprise of bringing Dante Alighieri’s masterpiece La Divina Commedia to the musical stage to make him the protagonist in the fascinating journey of Dante through the 3 kingdoms. It was a show in which the poet's verses are flanked by acrobatic dance, music and 3-D projections.  Describing the work, Frisina says it is "a spiritual journey of man, from the darkness of evil and of perdition to redemption in the divine light through a journey made of personal travails and mystical asceticism." Since its debut, La Divina Commedia has been seen by more than 450,000 spectators of all ages. 


Beginning in January 2018, a new production returns to the stage, in 4 major cities in Italy, with profound and engaging restyling and innovations. "The main one," says Frisina, "is that there are many more verses recited, and the actor Giancarlo Giannini is the voice of Dante Alighieri accompanying the whole show so that the theme of the trip is even more evident." In addition, 2 new songs have been added, such as the one that presents Cato thus allowing him to face the social passion of Dante, an aspect that was lacking in the original production. Enemy of Caesar and defender of political liberty, to the point of sacrificing his life, Cato is the custodian of Purgatory.


"Dante's life is spent searching for the meaning of human existence and freedom, which is not," underlines the composer, "to do what one wants, but to work for the good."

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