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3rd International Meeting of Choirs in Rome Moderated by Marco Frisina

Eight thousand musicians and singers from 80 countries are gathering at the Vatican in the Paul VI hall to participate in the 3rd International Meeting of Choirs. Marco Frisina and his Choir of the Diocese of Rome have been involved since the initial gathering in a hosting role.

This three-day gathering was organized by the Pontifical Council for the Promotion of the New Evangelization in collaboration with Nova Opera Onlus and will include conferences, workshops and testimonies, in addition to rehearsals and recitals that will actively involve all the participants who have come from near and far.

Some of the greatest experts in the field of sacred and liturgical music will make presentations including Monsignor Marco Frisina who is moderating the gathering with a focus on “Music in the Liturgy and in the Catechesis for the New Evangelization."

On Saturday evening, Frisina will conduct the Choir of the Diocese of Rome along with all eight thousand attendees in a grand polyphonic choir with orchestra. The Concert will also feature the most representative songs of the sacred and liturgical tradition from past to present, and will be dedicated to St. Cecilia.

Below is a video from the conclusion of the first day's activities with the singing of Marco Frisina's "I Cieli Narrano." Follow the events on Facebook - Corali in Vaticano.

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