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Antonio Banderas to narrate Frisina Oratorio

It was announced today that Antonio Banderas, the acclaimed Spanish film star, will join the international premiere of Marco Frisina's oratorio Passio Christi this coming April.

The two met last April when the composer visited Málaga, Spain to participate in Holy Week and perform the first auditions to choose the singers for this new oratorio. The actor expressed interest in collaborating on the project and now this famous interpreter from Málaga will participate as the narrator of the evangelical stories that are part of the oratorio.

This world premiere will be performed on the stage of the Cervantes Theater on the 27th and 28th of April with the Málaga Philharmonic Orchestra, the Carmina Nova Choir, the Choir of the El Escorial Monastery of San Lorenzo and the Pueri Cantores Sanctissimum Corpus Christi children's choir.

WATCH for more information about the Oratorio and ongoing preparations.

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